A shocking statistic!

A shocking statistic! Today I read a statistic which surprised me…and having spent the last 9 years working in Education, I didn’t think I could still be surprised!  The headline read “one in three NQTs leaving the profession”. One in three! Just think about that for a second.  Given the cost in time and resource [...]

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Lets Shape the Future for Early Years in Milton Keynes TOGETHER

Join us on Tuesday 31st  January 2017, 6-7.30pm @ Whitehouse Primary School. This event will provide time to discuss and share what training opportunities you would like to attend in the future and to help shape the future for Early Years support in Milton Keynes. This is your opportunity to be heard. Contact Sarah Armitage [...]

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Welcome to the first of our Early Years Hub:MK Newsletter

Welcome to the first of our Early Years Hub:MK Newsletter, 2017 is going to be an exciting year for the Early Years Hub:MK and we can't wait for you all to be part of it. Click on the image below to view our first newsletter:   Watch out for our regular updates, newsletters and forthcoming [...]

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