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Welcome to MKTSA – the professional learning community for primary schools in Milton Keynes.

We welcome everyone who is passionate to learn how to ensure our children have the best possible start to their education.

We make a difference!

As a National Teaching School were are responsible for ensuring that our collaboration results in a measurable positive impact on raising Standards. We use the Key Performance Indicators listed below in order to focus our evaluations and ascertain what difference is being made. We analyse our achievements and use this framework to focus our improvement priorities as an alliance.

  • improvement of pupil attainment and progress
  • reduction in closing the gap
  • achievement of Ofsted ratings
  • increased engagement with challenging schools
  • improved ITT employment outcomes

To supplement these, we also use our own measures of success. One of the most important outcomes for us is creating an interdependent, self-driven school community, within which every professional is provided with the best opportunities to develop and grow. We use the model below to build these relationships, with the aim being, year on year, a higher and higher number of schools are considered to both feed into and feed from the system in equal measure.

MKTSA’s measure of sustainability: a school-led system aiming for maturity