NQT Quality Assurance by an Appropriate Body

It is a statutory requirement that the induction of NQTs be quality assured by an ‘Appropriate Body’ (AB). Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance are entering their 8th year of offering this service.


  • For schools who hold a subscription to the Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance CPD programme, the Appropriate Body service and NQT development programme of CPD is free of charge.
  • For schools who purchase our NQT development programme of CPD, which costs £550.00 per NQT, the Appropriate Body service costs £130.00 per NQT
  • For the Appropriate Body Service only, the cost is £260.00 per NQT.

What is included:

This charge will cover all the statutory obligations of the Appropriate Body, as outlined in the statutory guidance for the induction of NQTs, and will also specifically cover:

  • Registration of NQTs and processing of associated paperwork
  • NQT Induction Tutor Briefing session
  • NQT Briefing meeting
  • Quality assurance of monitoring, support and assessment procedures for NQTs (termly)
  • Advice and support to schools in the event that an NQT may be at risk of not meeting the standards (as required)
  • Support for the school through a formal appeal (as required)
  • Support for NQTs at risk of not meeting the standards (as required)
  • The opportunity to request additional visits/ observations (at the additional rate)

If you wish to use MKTSA as the Appropriate body, you will need to register by contacting us at info@mktsa.co.uk

Deadline for returning your reports:


Assessment 1 – Monday 7th December 2020

Assessment 2 – Monday 15th March 2021

Final assessment – Monday 5th July 2021

These dates are for full-time NQTs starting in the Autumn Term 2020 with an expected completion date at the end of the July 2021. If your NQT is part-time or has started at your school mid-year, please contact Rosemary Child (rchild@tma.bucks.sch.uk) to discuss assessment dates.

Appropriate Body Training for NQTs

All NQTs who are registered with us for Appropriate Body, are welcome to attend training where they will receive clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities of all those involved in their induction year; fully preparing them for the year ahead. The NQT induction meeting took place 16th September 2020.

Appropriate Body Training for NQT Mentors

All NQT mentors from schools who use us as their Appropriate Body, are welcome to attend training where they will receive clear guidance on their roles and responsibilities for the year. Thementor took place on 9th September 2020.

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