Talk Boost KS2

What is Talk Boost KS2? Talk Boost KS1 is a targeted intervention for 4-7 year old children with language that is delayed, including children in Reception classes.  The programme is delivered in primary schools by classroom teachers and teaching assistants and provides a structured programme that boosts children’s progress in language and communication by an average of [...]

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Remove unnecessary teacher workload: marking and assessment policy

Further to my recent blog on teacher workload, the NCTL have sent out the following message urging schools to review their policies and practice with regards to marking. The message is clear, schools must take steps to ensure that marking is “meaningful, manageable, and motivating”.  The key word here is manageable – make it your [...]

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A New Home for MKTSA

Over the years, the Milton Keynes Teaching School Alliance has grown and expanded. Therefore, we have now moved to Whitehouse Primary School (part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning, Multi-Academy Trust). Whitehouse Primary School is based on the new Whitehouse Development, part of the Western Expansion Area. All future training programs will now be held here, [...]

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