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Course Overview

This is a legal requirement for any staff/ personnel and must be completed in addition to the safeguarding induction. Schools are responsible for ensuring all staff, visitors and governors complete this training either within school or by attendance of one of these three termly courses.  

This course provides a basic introduction to safeguarding and child protection for those who work or volunteer in an organisation where they have direct or indirect contact with children and young people, or with adults who may be parents/carersIt will: 

  • Define early help, safeguarding and child protection ​ 
  • Describe your role and responsibility in relation to safeguarding ​ 
  • Understand procedures for safeguarding and identify key legislation​ 
  • Examine the importance of safer recruitment, including the Single Central Record 
  • Recognise the signs and indicators of abuse and neglect​, including specific safeguarding issues e.g. FGM, prevent, county-lines etc.  
  • Identify factors that can increase a child’s vulnerability to harm or abuse , including attendance 
  • Explain how to provide an effective response to concerns​ 
  • Understand how to report and record safeguarding concerns​, including extremism and radicalisation 
  • Understand how to promote on-line safety 
  • Understand what to do if you have safeguarding concerns about an adult at risk​ 
  • Explain what to do if you have concerns about the conduct of a colleague​. 
  • Examine how to help protect yourself and your own responsibility of professional conduct and behaviour.  


Relevant to

All staff who work in a school or educational environment. (This includes premises, reception, cleaners and office staff, volunteers, governors and Trustees).  



Facilitated by Teaching School System Leaders from IFTL. 



17th September 2019

23rd January 2020

5th May 2020

1.30 – 4.00pm


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19/20 Basic Safeguarding Awareness

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