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Course Overview

Leadership in schools is a wide ranging and complex role and the more initiatives that are introduced seem to create more tasks for leaders to juggle. This is all true – but this three session course helps senior and middle  leaders from primary, infant and junior schools to have a clear view of their priorities and to get to grips with their leadership. It covers the key aspects of leadership styles, what makes a successful school leader, understanding how to use data to support school improvement and how to set up and carry out a line of enquiry. There will be opportunities for participants to discuss their own school’s circumstances, strengths and aspects for improvement and there is an expectation that background work will be undertaken by all participants to support the contact time learning. Aimed at: All leaders in primary schools, but particularly established or new to role Deputy and Assistant Headteachers and other teachers who have leadership responsibilities (e.g. subject leaders or phase/key stage leaders). Course details: The course is structured as three sessions over two terms:

Session 3 – is a half day and focuses on the outcomes of the line of enquiry and action planning for personal leadership effectiveness. The course is run in an open and non-judgemental way by an experienced trainer/consultant with a reputation for excellent subject knowledge and recent and relevant leadership development experience.


Course Impacts

• Have a clear view of their natural leadership style and the importance of adjusting their style to match the needs of the school and their changing role.
• Understand what factors make a successful leader.
• Understand their school’s published assessment data (IDSR and ASP) and be able to identify the key aspects from this to signpost school improvement priorities.
• Have a clear view of how to evaluate their school’s performance and be able to write a self-evaluation summary, presenting the effective impact of their school’s work for at least one aspect of their responsibilities.
• Have had experience of setting up and running a line of enquiry, based on a range of monitoring information from their own school.
• Be able to identify strengths and weaknesses and plan for improvement.
• Participants will develop the ability to see their own role in a whole school context and to build their understanding of their own leadership strengths and aspects for development



26 March 2019 – 1.30-4pm: 3 of 3 – Project outcomes and personal development goals



Adrian Francis



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£350 + VAT for all three sessions or £135 per sessions for non-subscription member


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18/19 GETTING TO GRIPS WITH BEING AN EFFECTIVE SENIOR OR MIDDLE LEADER - Project outcomes and personal development goals

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