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Course Overview

This programme supports school leaders in the first few years of their careers, connecting leaders with one another, building collaborative learning habits that will be sustained career-long and fostering models of school leadership that will raise student achievement and the morale of educational professionals. Headteachers will learn more about themselves as leaders and the work of leading a school. At the end of the programme we will ask participants:  

  • How have you changed? 
  • What has been the impact of these changes on your school? 

Underpinning the course is the development of a Personal Analysis Agenda. This is designed to help headteachers gain a better grasp of the demands presented by their own needs and expectations as individuals, of them in their role and the challenges of their context.  


Relevant to

Headteachers in their first few years of headship 



Facilitated by Brian Ball



17th October 2019 – This date (17th) is no longer taking place. 

28th November 2019 

17th March 2020 

9th June 2020 – NEW DATE

For non-subscription schools, the costs are:

£485 + VAT


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