Further to my recent blog on teacher workload, the NCTL have sent out the following message urging schools to review their policies and practice with regards to marking. The message is clear, schools must take steps to ensure that marking is “meaningful, manageable, and motivating”.  The key word here is manageable – make it your New Year’s resolution to gift your staff with a more manageable workload in 2017.

Remove unnecessary teacher workload: marking and assessment policy
Are you using the 3 teacher workload reports to help remove unnecessary teacher workload in your school? The 3 independent reports can be used to address unnecessary teacher workload in marking, planning and data management.

Have you reviewed your marking and assessment policy and practice recently? In this month’s newsletter we want to draw your attention to the principles in the marking report. The report states that all marking and feedback must be meaningful, manageable and motivating.

It has a straightforward message: if the hours spent do not have the commensurate impact on pupil progress: stop. We would urge schools to review their practice and policy by using the principles in the marking report to ensure that practice is driven by what has the most impact on pupils whilst being time efficient for teachers.

Please let us know how you are using the workload reports by contacting workload.solutions@education.gov.uk.