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School budgets are continuously being reduced meaning schools have to be more creative with how they spend their money. Coupled with this, professional development is more important than ever before, not only to ensure all children have access to an outstanding education offering, but to aid staff retention through the career development of our talented teachers.
With this is mind, our subscription offers schools considerable cost savings and unlimited access to our CDP offering. Being a member of our Alliance enables schools to reap the rewards of a truly school-led system. Alliance schools benefit from participation in high-quality CPD for their staff, access to exceptional trainee teachers, bespoke school-to-school support models and dissemination of the latest initiatives and educational research findings.
In return, we expect our schools to fully engage in the collaborative model of school improvement – working with us to identify future leaders for a world class education system.
Join our Alliance today and reap the benefits of our exclusive network of schools striving for world class education.
Below is an overview of what is included in our cost saving subscription packages:

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