Teacher Workload: Ofsted are sitting up and taking notice…are you?

Further to my previous blogs on teacher workload, it may interest many of you to note that Ofsted has recently issued guidance to its inspectors warning them not to place high value on extensive marking for its own sake.  In their most recent ‘School Inspection Update’ (which can be found in full here), they acknowledge that there is no evidence to support the value of such practices:

“As both the Workload Review group on marking (March 2016) and the Education Endowment Foundation (April 2016) reported, there is remarkably little high quality, relevant research evidence to suggest that detailed or extensive marking has any significant impact on pupils’ learning. So until such evidence is available, and regardless of any area for improvement identified at the previous inspection, please do not report on marking practice, or make judgements on it, other than whether it follows the school’s assessment policy. Also, please do not seek to attribute the degree of progress that pupils have made to marking that you consider to be either effective or ineffective. When reporting, please do not make recommendations for improvement that involve marking, other than when the school’s marking/assessment policy is not being followed by a substantial proportion of teachers; this will then be an issue for the leadership and management to resolve.”