If you weren’t already aware that the Government is taking an interest in teacher workload then now is the time to sit up and take notice!  As far back as October 2014, the DfE was setting up a workload review which revealed three key areas that were impacting heavily on teacher workload: Marking, Data Management and Planning and Resourcing.

Three review groups were tasked with digging deeper into these findings and this resulted in three very useful reports being published on March of this year.  The reports are being taken seriously by the Unions, by Ofsted and by the government itself.  If your school leaders are not already aware of these reports and the recommendations found within them, then it is worth making this the focus of your next SLT meetings.  Schools will soon find themselves being asked tough questions about how they are working to reduce teacher workload and ensure the emotional health and well-being of their staff.

This focus on workload and well-being is unsurprising given the poor retention rates that are being reported for the profession.  All too often, teachers cite excessive workload as a reason for leaving teaching.  Given the funding that is being poured into bursaries in an attempt to recruit new teachers, it is no wonder (and in my opinion, long overdue) that the government are seeking ways to ensure that once trained, they stay in the job for more than a few short years!!

Over the next few weeks, I will bring your attention to different key elements of the workload reviews.  But in the meantime, you can find the reports here:


Reducing teachers’ workload – GOV.UK


We are working to help teachers concentrate on teaching by reducing the time needed for other tasks. Teacher workload review groups. Teachers say 3 of the biggest …

Helpfully, the reports are short and sweet!  Perhaps take them in over a cup of tea in the staffroom… after all, we all need to take time out from our busy workloads!

Wishing you a stress-free week!

Emma Hollis